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Like every art, mosaic has expanded with the development of possibilities, materials and ideas, and original applications modernized in time. I think using glass as a material has a conceptual connection with water. Its transparency, smoothness and reaction to light have the potential to create similar interactions and emotions in the audience. Hoping that water adds beauty to life and the art of mosaic adds beauty to people’s souls … “

“Summer is like a disease that is expected to pass every year for those who do not like it. Istanbul had completely surrendered this July to a raging summer that brutally persecuted the city. Severe humidity transformed the city into a huge aquarium and the inhabitants of Istanbul into a gigantic blessing who forgot the power of their sharp teeth. He was hot, so devilly tormented that for thousands of years, angels, fairies, saints, saints, saints, ghosts, ghouls, bogeymen, jinn, Pagan goddesses and gods, all invisible divine and evil beings, limping grandfathers, healer mothers who never left the city for thousands of years. withdrawn; They were hidden in tales, legends, legends, epics, lullabies, prayers, sema, hymns, breaths, sayings and meanings. With the effect of the heat, the consistency of all the emotions has deteriorated, stretched, prolonged, nobody has ever had to tease someone else on any issue; Even the arrogant, fanatical, prescriptive and quarrelsome had begun to turn into respectful, decent and benevolent mortals. Hot is worse than any dictator. “

Some of us have been lucky. The book is not with the fairy tales that are put on the pages and told the same to the children of the world; They grew up with unwritten tales that could not be told the same for the second time, that could not fit in rooms and beds and under sheets and under roofs and in front of doors. Their great-grandmother, their lame grandfather told them tales of unreal universes, magic that no eye could see, giant birds waking up at night, and kind-hearted witches boiling all sorts of panacea in their cauldron. In those fairy tales, there were people who carried a thousand and one lives on their faces. The secrets of water, earth, fire and air were hidden in those tales. Buket Uzuner; Inspired by water, soil, air and fire, which are the basic elements of the ancient Kamanite tradition, which influenced all cultures that bloom, live and grow in Anatolia in a way to penetrate their souls, he wrote his new novel, the first book of the “Adventures of the Disharmonious Defne Kaman” quartet. Yusuf Has Hacib’s “The ornament of the mind is the language, your language is

The ornament is the promise. The face of the kisin is decorated, the face is decorated.” There are also those who see Su, starting with his word, as the password of Kutadgu Bilig. While Buket Uzuner opens a door to the ancient Turkish tradition of Kamanlık, which blesses nature and life with the understanding that all living things are of equal value in Su, she invites us both to an eco-feminist reading and to find keys that will enthusiastically unlock the locks of Kutadgu Bilig, written a thousand years ago. Defne Kaman, the head of the novel, is a journalist that those who grew up with those magical fairy tales will find a lot, sometimes become him, and sometimes hope for answers to their questions from him. Defne is incompatible with some of her family, and auspicious for others. In the old Turkish fairy tales that started saying “In the past, when my grandfather Korkut and my grandmother Umay were shaking my cradle”, in distant lands, he has to cut down trees in order to protect his family from the cold.

the remaining old Turk first apologized to that tree.

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