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Poker chip | Aftereffects Wiki | Fandom

Ahne point is solved by location and time concepts and the universal, values ​​in the game are exposed on the scene. This study is detected in the domestic and external action in the development of the game.

Chest discharge (tuluat argosu): many rhinestone play. All imitations are called «person who can discharge the chest».

Sell ​​(Çeğ.): A mention of an action in improvising theater, a mimi, an integrity, to emphasize a scene.

Stage (0.0.): Do not fall as long as he falls in the Orthoun; However, this movement based on the skill could make the master players.

Placing the volume: Seat the player can easily say the sound. If the sound is misplaced, it disturbs both the player and the audience.

Sirar (Çek.): Teen-in-law type in the Turkish Improvised Theater. Have fun – I was fond of ceiling or inherited in a poor. It is an identi fi cle and Z in the shadow game with the middle.

Joksak 1 – Look at the forkboard, providing various factors, located in my assay. PASTAV. 2 – The forkboard used by the butters in Italian folk improvisation theater. 3 -Okkabases forkboards they use in attention.

Şeng: One of the four important types of Chinese theater: men. Old man, Hsiao Şeng, young male type. For the others, look. Tan, Çou, Çing.

. Playing the integrity with the incompatible and successful study of experts working during their officials and demonstration.

TAN: One of the four important types of Chinese theater: Women. II UA tan, business, smart and shuh young woman, wu tan, warrior ,, young woman. For other phrases. look. Şeng, Çou and Çing.

Tartaglia: Italian People’s Type of Stutter in Improvised Theater. There is a wide-barred clothing and a round edged hat.

Tin rounding 1 – (Çeğ.): In the Turkish Improvised Theater, the Head Game person who is often called the name of the chief play person, round the japanese gas can. It was understood that the game started. The gas can be said that the rounding movement is located for the first time by the bald pest. 2 – (Slang.): Slang statement used to determine the attitude of the shields to laugh with cheap vehicles with cheap vehicles.

Tunic: The ancient tragedy is the long-sleeved of players, stretching to feet, and the belt with a belt at the chest.

New World (O.O.): Lean Art of the Orta. Four-winged paravilana, usually two, three, Bathane as well as one and a half meters high. Mostly the house is used for different places, sometimes.

ZARAII: In the type of Commedia Dell’Arte, the name given to men’s butler types. Zarzuela: The name given to the Spanish classical musical game.

Zuhuri Handle (0.0.): Secondaryly the second one of the arms (the other han arm). This arm would make shows at the palace. .This term has been used in the sense of an intermediate intermediate.

ACAM: A type from the Azerbaijan or Iran followed by the Turkish Shadow game.

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