Rollex11 – Blue Guru Port for livemobile66

Rollex11 – Blue Guru Port for livemobile66

There are a total of 475 television establishments, 24 of which broadcast nationally, 15 broadcast regionally, 210 local broadcast, 78 broadcasting only via cable system and 148 broadcasting from satellite. This is a substantial number. If we look at the subject in terms of radio, there are 35 national, 98 regional, 929 local and 53 satellites.

There are 115 thousand radios. This shows the size of the industry. spring in Turkey> nc> s> n arising from a majority install a> Is there problems. The livelihood of broadcasters is advertisements. Organizations can stand up with the advertisements they receive. In Turkey, an average of 3 billion Dollars’ worth of advertising cake> there. When you share it among so many broadcasting organizations, we see that there is not enough income to keep them standing. The main problem is that many people want to share the cake and that this share is small. Everyone is crying, except for a few broadcasters. Nobody is thinking of withdrawing from the market. Of course, it is not easy to withdraw from the industry. “

RTÜK president> Dursun same> speech> n, the year in radio and television sector in Turkey> ll> k fifteen ten sub> of thousand people stole> flt> ¤> n> refers. These numbers show that television broadcasting has itself turned into a line of business. It should not be surprising that the number of water is even higher, considering the relevant areas that are the supplier of the YaSIRA SIZE sector. On the other hand, there are several important reasons for this situation, which indicates that the private enterprise is a partner or even a rival to the state in television broadcasting, that is, public broadcasting. One of these is the desire of capital to enter new markets and the view of television broadcasting as an attractive investment area of ​​S O R Utechnology. Another reason related to this is that as a result of electronic cheaper, publishing has become a field of business where private enterprises can also do. However, it can be argued that all other reasons are dominant. One reason to be asserted is the exponential increase in production at the global level and the need to expand the markets in parallel with this. Transferring the increasing competition to the advantage with broadcasting support, limited opportunities and supervision make public broadcasting that has become an obstacle rather than meeting the increasing demand. The desire to deactivate and carry out advertising and marketing activities more effectively can be counted among the main reasons for our efforts to engage in television broadcasting by the private sector. (Geray, 2002: 97)

K n and of course television broadcast> nc> l> ¤> n> n conjuncture rec right> n the month> nt> l> to inquire D. Beybin Kejanl> o¤lu side> from the write> l> p man “in Turkey media> the Evolution of” name> book> reading> z is recommended. TELEVISION

The Understanding of Television Broadcasting in Terms of Production Values ​​and Types of Programs As stated in the explanations on the technical development of television, initially, it is a television broadcaster that has developed under the control of the state and often under the control of the state. Its capacity has improved, expanded and diversified, especially with the introduction of satellite and digital broadcasting. In the past, broadcasting organizations have come to the broadcasters of broadcasting interests that can be considered quite detailed from the general content of TV broadcasting, which has tried to respond to all kinds of interests and requests.

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